So today marks my li’l brother’s 24th birthday! He is now old enough to… actually I don’t think anything’s new. What a boring age. Might as well just skip today and go right to May 31st. Our brotherly relationship doesn’t warrant saying that we’re kidding when we kid each other – we just say it and let the blunt dryness of the remark linger. Anyway, in honor of his birthday, I’m gonna do a mini giveaway! This is a postcard that he gave me a few Christmases ago with a picture that he took himself while we were in Hawaii! I can offer about five of them at the moment – so get them while supplies last! And I hope it’s okay that they’re sent from Pennsylvania (Hawaii’s a tad far at the moment…) Shouts out to my bro Eric and feel free to indirectly support his photo skills by requesting a card!