Here is a postcard I received over Official Postcrossing from Scotland! This shows the Edinburgh Festival Fringe (interesting, it reads “Fringe Festival” here but “Festival Fringe” in my research). This festival, which occurs in Edinburgh, is considered to be the world’s largest arts festival, and it takes place for three weeks during August. The “arts” that are showcased here include theatre, circus stuff, dance, comedy, and singing. It’s basically anything you might see on America’s Got Talent (or I guess more appropriately Scotland’s Got Talent). It started off from a couple of theatre groups that performed uninvited at the Edinburgh International Festival (which is another festival that showcases top performers), and instead of being snuffed out on the spot, they were given permission to perform right then and there! They performed “on the fringe” of the larger festival, hence why it was given that name. So my understanding is that the Festival Fringe is a more loosely regimented but more inclusive set of performances, and for that reason among others, it’s garnered millions of attendees over the years for either performing or enjoying the showcasing of the arts. Looking at this card, you can see some of the neat and otherwise unusual arts that could take place here. You can play bagpipes, you can breathe fire, and you can even dress up like a Moomin (that’s what that purple outfit looks like on the right!) Thanks so much for this awesome postcard, Monique!