This is a cool Official Postcrossing card from Germany! The directions on how to construct this seagull are in Dutch – luckily the drawings themselves are not in any particular language – they are in the language of art! (…which I am also not fluent in XD) I have to say, I take it very much for granted when I see neat postcards like this, because I forget that they are postcards! You know what Imean? It’d be so neat to find something like this at the store. As it stands, I already have to travel like 20 minutes just to get to some decently-priced tourist postcards (the ones closer to me are like a dollar per – my wallet and I will both pass on that). Okay I can get some cool art ones from the Allentown Art Museum too, so there’s that. But still, I wanna know where I can find these sorts of cards locally. I shall one day find out… and when I do… I will have achieved my “gull”. Enough of me complaining and pretending to be determined – this is a super cool postcard and I really like the heck out of it! Thank you tons for sharing it with me, Mechthild!