Here we have an Official Postcrossing postcard from Germany! This is a street view of Cottbus, a city located in the state of Brandenburg (over on the eastern side of the country). Cottbus is a university town that isn’t visited as much as some of the larger German cities, but as these “little brothers” usually are, it’s a gem itself! Cottbus is known for its clothmaking, its beer, and its baumkuchen (“tree-cakes” – given that name as the layers of it mimic the rings present inside the trunk of a tree). It’s also known for intriguing displays of varying architecture as depicted in this card. This card specifically shows Altmarkt, or Old Market. You can kind of see the colorful fronts on the buildings (I think the right side has even more colors), which makes for a really neat sight. Some describe this as being home to fairytale villages (well, at least one source I found says that – but judging by the pictures I’ve seen in my research, I’d concur with that and thus become the second source!) Thank you so much for sharing this remarkable card with me and for all your kindness, Ulrich!