This postcard reached me over Official Postcrossing from Canada! This is a card of Vancouver Public Library, located in (naturally) Vancouver. Vancouver is located right by the western coast of the country bordering Washington state in the US. So, it’s on the opposite side of the continent as me. This library has 21 branches, and what you see on this card is the central branch, containing about 1.3 million volumes of material. People especially admire the design of this branch and I personally thought it looked like the Roman Colosseum (as a matter of fact, though, the Carnegie branch building was built in the style of the Renaissance, so I might not be too far off!) For the library as a whole, they received about 6.5 million visitors with 9.5 million items borrowed. Not everyone visits libraries when traveling to other countries, but avid reader or not I think this would be well worth a visit! Thanks so much to my Canuck friend for this card (that was the sender’s term for being referred to; it’s a slang term similar to “Yankee” for Americans)!