Here’s an Official Postcrossing card from Germany! This is a work of art done by German painter Caspar David Friedrich, who was around during the late 1700s and early 1800s. This work is titled “The Morning” – don’t you just feel those morning vibes from this one? The sun’s in mid-wake, getting ready to peer over the mountains as the misty ground below. So picturesque and yet we’ve just been getting oodles of rain over here in Whitehall, Pennsylvania XD I’m gonna paint “The Morning, V2” and it’ll be completely greyish-blue. How’s that for “water”color?! Anyway, Mr. Friedrich was a landscape painter and considered to be one of the top painters of the German Romantic movement. This was a period where appreciation for things like nature was being rekindled. Save for one or two outliers and his non-painted works, he primarily worked on paintings exhibiting very detailed looks at the natural world. Often these painting were inspired by trips he took, particularly around northern Germany. Stunning work, really – this one resonates well with me because contrary to many, I DO like mornings! While I’m a fan of night too, mornings inspire me because they symbolize the birth of almost infinite possibilities! Even if it’s raining outside! Thank you so much for this brilliant postcard, Achim!