Got this Official Postcrossing postcard from Arizona! Here we have a bunch of the state symbols for this state. By number (and yes the numbers are VERY helpful here) we have: 1.) the state flower – the saguaro cactus bloom (interesting, I never considered that a state flower could be the bloom from a cactus… makes sense though since flowers can bloom on other things too); 2.) the state bird – the cactus wren (hope he’s wearing shoes or that must hurt!); 3.) the state tree – the palo verde (literally “green stick” in Spanish – you can actually eat the seeds off these things!); 4.) the state flag (gold/red rays representing the 13 original colonies, a blue bottom representing liberty, and a copper star representing AZ’s status as a big copper producer); 5.) the state Capitol building, located in the capital of Phoenix; and 6.) the state neck wear – the bola tie (neck wear characterized by two cords joined by a something metal. Also, I’d like to mention that AZ was the 48th state that joined the union – which makes it the youngest official state in continental United States. Arizona’s a pretty cool state (not “cool” as in temperature, though) – I lived there for a short period of time and have visited here and there. Thank you so much for this super postcard, Jane!