Month: May 2019

Family matters

So today marks my li’l brother’s 24th birthday! He is now old enough to… actually I don’t think anything’s new. What a boring age. Might as well just skip today and go right to May 31st. Our brotherly relationship doesn’t warrant saying that we’re kidding when we kid each other […]

Full Metal!

I received this Official Postcrossing card from Japan! Anime purists and probably even casuals may know what this one is – Fullmetal Alchemist! I remember somewhat watching this show as my roommate back in the day had this on his TV. This is about two protagonists – Edward and Alphonse […]


Here’s an Official Postcrossing card from Germany! YOUCH! Is this what it feels like to put contact lenses in? Contact-users – please verify this. As someone who’s never used corrective vision I find it hard to imagine that contact lenses can be simple to put in. Or, maybe I’m reading […]

Starlight academy

Here’s an exciting postcard I received from Starlight Academy – er, no, I mean Indonesia! This one features the anime “Aikatsu”, which started airing in 2012 and went on for 4 season, totaling to over 170 episodes! The sender mentioned that this was among her collection, and I wasn’t very […]

Smells nice

Here’s another cool postcard from Germany! This is a card from the European Flacon Glass Museum, located in Kleintettau, Germany (southern part of the country). For those of you like me how have know idea what a “flacon” is (and no, I didn’t misspell falcon, although that’d be a bangin’ […]

Art from friedrich

Here’s an Official Postcrossing card from Germany! This is a work of art done by German painter Caspar David Friedrich, who was around during the late 1700s and early 1800s. This work is titled “The Morning” – don’t you just feel those morning vibes from this one? The sun’s in […]

Hé apple

Late post today but it’s not midnight yet, so it’s still good! This one is from Official Postcrossing from Russia! Guys I’m not sure how the engineering works on this one… granted, I’ve never gotten around to the hobby of apple stacking. Every time I hold three apples in my […]

men wear kilts

Major props for this postcard from Scotland! I get a kick out of the postcards I receive XD Many of you may recognize this garment – it’s the kilt! Kilts are woolen skirts typically worn by men in the Scottish Highlands region (this is the northern part of Scotland). They […]


This card also came to me from the previous sender! This is actually a birthday card – and it’s got a bangin’ design. It feels like looking into a kaleidoscope of dragonflies and rainbows, I love it! Thank you so much again for everything you sent me!