This is a really neat postcard I got through Official Postcrossing from Taiwan! This is from a Taiwanese postcard series known as “World Travel”, or WT. Apparently there are a loooot of these, even for the more obscure countries! So this postcard comes from the home of its series. I love how it displays its landmarks using stamps and even has a cancellation mark on it. I believe this is actually the first time I ever received one of these cards so I’m glad I can know be the holder of one! Just to gloss over some of the lovely sights you see here, right in the middle is the Presidential Palace, or Presidential Office Building, which is where the President of the Republic of China is housed. It was actually built by the Japanese during Japanese colonial rule, and has a very western architecture style as you can probably see here. Beneath that stamp, you can see Orchid Island, or Lanyu, which is off the southeastern coast of the country. It can take a few hours by ferry to reach, but something cool about it is how well-preserved the nature is and how much of the indigenous influence remains. I have to say that I admire the aesthetic setup of these cards – it looks very natural and quite like an official card. Thank you so much for sending me this superb postcard!