A bit of a late posting today but I was out for most of the weekend, and too tired to schedule today’s post. But now I bring you an Official Postcrossing card I received from Illinois! Illinois is located in the Great Lakes Region (as it is close to the northeastern Great Lakes of the States) and is known as the “Prairie State”, which dates back to 1842 when the state was largely covered with prairie grasses. The coverage is not as vibrant as it is today, but it is remembered through things such as “Prairie Week”, which occurs in September. Illinois is home to Springfield, its capital, and Chicago, it’s largest city (and the US’s third-largest city) that many domestic travelers may end up in for a layover while heading somewhere. Illinois is considered to be the “Land of Lincoln” (which is also its state slogan) as our 16th president – Abraham Lincoln – lived here when elected into office. As you can see on the card here, he won his first election at the age of 25. If you ever want to gauge your life’s accomplishments, feel free to remember this. I turn 27 in a few weeks and my greatest milestone will be memorizing the first 151 Pokemon (which I have yet to actually do even). Thank you so much for this wonderful map card and beautiful stamps, Kayce!