The same sender as the one from yesterday sent me the below card as well! What you see here is Nesvizh Castle, or Niasviž Castle, located in Niasviž (sort of in the western part of the country – southwest of Minsk). This castle dates back to 1584 and is a member of the UNESCO World Heritage site list. As you might be able to tell, it has a defense moat all around it thanks to the Usha River. Therefore, by definition, the castle is on an island. One interesting thing to note about this castle is that a ghost is said to walk the halls of it! That would be the Black Lady, or the ghost of Barbara Radziwil, who allegedly wears dark mourning clothes. Barbara existed back in the mid-1500s and was the wife of Zhygimont August, who was slated to be the King of Poland. There’s quite a story about what happened and honestly I haven’t even finished reading it, but I’m actually typing this up right before starting work, and I don’t have any more posts scheduled! I don’t want to miss a single one! And no there aren’t any ghosts in my apartment who can help me post while I go to work – if there were, I’d ask them to go to work for me instead! Anyway, thank you so much for another wonderful postcard, Lera!