This one’s a hand-drawn Official Postcrossing postcard from France! Depicted in both photograph and draw-o-graph (I made that word up… clearly…) is Guadaloupe. This group of islands – not to be confused with Guadalupe Island off the coast of Mexico (which is what I almost started researching) – is a region of France located among the Lesser Antilles, which are found in the Caribbean Sea in between North and South America. It’s one of the five overseas departments of the country, with the others being French Guiana, Martinique, Mayotte, and Réunion (I’m sure many of you Postcrossing folks are familiar with these from the Postcrossing site country listings!) Guadaloupe was one of the places that Christopher Columbus stumbled upon, who named it after a Spanish monastery. It’s known for having the highest waterfall in the Caribbean, its white sand beaches, and its popular “biguine” dance of Creole roots. Thank you so much for the wonderful postcard, Didier!