Here is a madly appetizing postcard I received over Official Postcrossing from Indonesia! This card depicts a scrumptious plate of a-yum goreng – err, excuse me, ayam goreng. As you can read, it is basically fried chicken, however unlike what you might find in your KFC bucket, these don’t have batter. I’m trying hard to remember if I had this dish when I visited Indonesia… see, I remember names like “nasi goreng” (fried rice), which I remember was awesome. I have to admit – I’m esteemed as “the human vacuum” because I will literally eat any food that is given to me. And with my Indonesian friends being so hospitable to me during my 2015 visit, I ate a ton of really delicious and especially unique dishes. Gudeg, gado-gado, sate cumi, random Padangese stuff… and of course, I could never forget about the crunchy and delightful krupuk! But gosh I might actually need the help of someone who was there when I visited to recall if I had ayam goreng before (yes I’m that pathetic – I expect EVERYONE to remember what I ate 4+ years ago! Hehe!) Anyway, thanks so much for this marvelous and yummy postcard!