This postcard reached me from Russia! What you see is a photograph from 1917 of a building that now serves as the Art Museum of St. Petersburgh XX-XXI (the Roman numerals refer to centuries). This museum hall displays the works of St. Petersburg artists from 1910 to modern day (hence, XX-XXI). There’s actually no permanent exhibit here, but it has a pretty vast collection that it can draw from forits temporary exhibits. I couldn’t find much information on the photo here, but with the help of the info the sender provided, I was able to piece some things together. This photo shows the destruction and plunder of the police archive, as documents from it are thrown out onto the street (it’s a pre-revolution photo, I should mention). I’m not certain what the text on the card translates to, so any and all help is much appreciated! Thank you so much for sharing this card and for the helpful info you gave, Katya!