Here is breezy postcard that blew its way to me from Italy! I’ve posted on Trieste a few times, and this time I’m here to tell you about the bora, which you can see here… sort of! The bora is a type of wind that flows northeast in a descending manner (also called a katabatic wind), usually because it originates in the mountains. One of the strongest boras is that which flows over the Gulf of Trieste. It can blow up to 150 km per hour – in case you need to visualize that (like me), that’s about as fast as the average major league baseball fastball. Try flying a kite in THAT weather! Something cool about the bora, which the sender shared with me, is its legend. You should check it out! My abridged version: Bora was the young daughter of Aeolus. She met and fell in love with Tergesteo while wandering into a cavern. For seven days they were together, deeply in love, until a worried Aeolus found them and basically beat Tergesteo to death out of anger. Bora refused to go back with her father, and instead stayed back with Tergesteo. The sea took pity over the incident and covered Tergesteo’s body with seashells, starfish and seaweed, and eventually the city of Tergeste was formed on the hill that became thereafter. Tergeste eventually became Trieste, as it is today. Fortunately, Heaven has allowed Bora to spend some time with her beloved a few days a year, and that is when the wind blows as passionately as it does! Such a beautiful and bittersweet story! Bora and Tergesteo should’ve gone to the Old Blacksmith’s Shop in one of my previously-posted cards! Thank you so much for your always stunningly-decorated and written postcards, Antonella, and for all the kindness and light you bring!