Got this cool meetup card from Germany! This actually came to me with another postcard (will post next) and some neat “souvenirs” (a ticket, some info cards, etc. – the type of stuff I always try to bring home when I visit a country!) What’s depicted here is the European Union and Council of Europe flag, simply called the Flag of Europe (or European Flag). There are 12 stars not particularly due to the quantity of members, but rather that 12 is considered a number of perfection or wholeness. These stars form a circle to represent unity, standing against the “blue sky of the Western world”. Now, for the words that you see all around the stars… if I understood my research correctly, it seems these are all words associated with the European Union in some manner. For example, the word “staatenverbund” is a German word that refers to the close governmental collaboration of the European Union while maintaining individual independence. Not gonna lie – I’ve been sitting here, reading some of these names out loud, and ridiculing myself for how poorly I know I’m pronouncing them. At least “Gasp” and “Rat” seem pretty easy! Thank you tons and tons for this lovely meetup and for the other marvelous things that you sent me, Gaby!