This is a postcard that reached me from Poland! This depicts Płonne, a village in Kuyavian-Pomeranian Voivodeship. I imagine this is a pretty small village as there’s not much on the Internet about it (which means I can either go into panic mode or lazy mode… I’m conflicted, guys!) What I can tell you, though is that the upper-left shows a monument dedicated to early 1900s writer Maria Dąbrowska, the author of “Noce i dnie” (“Nights and Days”). This novel, which is considered to be a family saga, depicts a family that experiences a decline in their fortune and exhibits the theme of changing personal values to adapt to the times. This novel was also made into a film in 1975. Welp, that’s about all I have for this one – but hey, small villages like this one are truly hidden gems. If you want to de-touristify (made that word up completely) your visit somewhere, checking out one of these places is majorly worth it! Thanks so much for this postcard and for your continuous kindness, Magdalena!