Got this lovely meetup postcard from the Philippines! I saw this gem circulating over Facebook and was kind of curious what this “binaki” specimen was. Now I have the chance to research it! (“But Tyler, you could have researched it regardless!” “Yes you’re right… you got me there…”) So, binaki is a delicacy of Bukidnon (of Mindanao island – the second-largest one in the country) and Bog of Cebu (a much smaller island located north of Mindanao). This is a cornmeal concoction that’s mixed with milk/butter and sugar, resulting in a cake. That cake is then usually wrapped in a corn husk and steamed (which is what you can see here). Those who eat it admire it’s texture as much as it’s taste. It’s a little tough to see the creation due to the corn husks (a.k.a. the corn clothing… I made that up, sorry, that’s not an actual term), but MAN does this sound good! And apparently it’s quite healthy! The next time I need to keep calm, I will definitely walk to the nearest binaki vendor and snack away. *Sigh* the nearest vendor is probably about 13,000+ km away – gonna have to put on my hiking boots and my swimming trousers. WE GON’ GET THIS BINAKI! Thanks so much for sending me this lovely postcard and for all that you do, Marianne!