Year: 2019

Time for Those Resolutions!

Well, tomorrow marks the turn of the decade, folks! (At least in this timezone!) I’m sharing an Official Postcrossing card from Russia painted by Russian painter Elizaveta Boehm, and this one here is simply titled “Happy Near Year!” I was trying my best to figure out the name of this […]

The Case of the Ice Eggs!

Check out this neat handmade postcard from Canada! This depicts a really cool (in a few ways) phenomenon that happened only about a month ago! While walking on the beach, a man and his wife came across thousands of these little “ice eggs” just sitting there by the shore! The […]

Varna, a Really Old Town!

Here’s a cool postcard from Bulgaria! This is like a part vintage, part multiview and perhaps part faux maxicard showing the sights of Varna, Bulgaria’s third-largest city. Varna can be found on the eastern coast, right next to the Black Sea, and it’s considered to be a seaside resort. This […]

Them Fuzzy Wuzzy Cattle!

This is an Official Postcrossing card from Scotland! I know – I, too, want one of these as a pet. Cow-tipping is out – cow-hugging is in!  These are Highland cattle, residing in the Scottish Highlands (pretty much the northwestern half of the region). You can identify this type of […]

A Prince of Prints!

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While the Christmas festivities have indeed subsided, I have no intention of wistfully yearning for it to return… every day of life is worthy of celebration! Anyway, this is an Official Postcrossing card I received from Japan! It took me probably 30 minutes of using the online Kanji writer to […]

That Time of Year Again!

MERRY CHRISTMAS FROM APFY TO YOU! Thank you so much Riek for this BEAUTIFUL limited-edition postcard from your hometown, and for your warmest Christmas wishes! As for the rest of the viewers, whether you celebrate Christmas or not, I wish you nothing less than a phenomenal day! And for those […]

Merry Christmas Eve!

For all those who celebrate it, I wish you a very merry Christmas Eve! By now I should be done with my half-day of work and enjoying my annual Christmas Eve gathering with all the extended family on the maternal side. For once, I’m bringing my own culinary contribution to […]

Meowry Christmas!

With the holidays now very close to being underway, I’ve got some easy posts to make! (That’s MY Christmas gift :P) This is an EXTRAORDINARY handmade Christmas card that was sent to me from Italy! This sender has drawn a number of beautiful cards for me, including the Pokemon one […]