Buon Natale!

This lovely handmade postcard is from Italy! By now, I feel this style has garnered enough spotlight to hold a very high reputation on this page! Antonella is back with another creative work, featuring some of the joys of Christmas! Hey, my little Christmas tree is still up, so that […]

All the Things!

A dear friend of mine from Finland sent this one to me just the other day! My mailbox seems to be the home for so many sweet and kind notes these days – and while I do think there are things about me that don’t fall into the “best thing” […]

This Broomstick Ain’t for Sweepin’!

Here is another postcard from Italy, sent from the same sender as my last post! Today, we’re featuring Sappada, a village located in the Dolomite Mountains (northern Italy, even further north than Burano – it’s near where the Italian-Austrian border lies). Given its spot in the mountains, it’s a great […]

Knowledge is Power!

Today I’m sharing a postcard I received back in 2014 from Ghana! I’d like to start this post by saying that this was sent to me by friends who have worked for years to have a school built in their hometown, Tamale. It was just recently finished and they are […]