You’ve Got Mail!

This one is a meetup postcard from Belgium! Once again, an extraordinary work of art with this meetup card design – also love how it’s a maxicard-style one (is it still a maxicard if the stamp on the front is different from the picture, BTW?) This card also celebrates 15 […]

Would You Like Fries With That?

We’re gonna go back to a few of my 2013 postcards! This Official Postcrossing card arrived from the Netherlands! Depicted is the coat of arms for Friesland, a northern province of the country. Sorry – “Friesland” is not somewhere you can find supersized servings of salted strips of potatoes… though […]

Tiny Bloomers!

This Official Postcrossing card came to me from China! Forgive me if it looks like the picture is upside-down – the writing on the back is rightside-up this way, though I was unsure if the flowers should be pointed upwards or downwards This is what happens when my brain is […]

Going to Visit Santa Claus!

I got this postcard from Missouri! This was a card picked up during the sender’s trip to Missouri with her family – and it features Indiana, the Hoosier State! You can check out my April post for some info about this state: But fear not, I’ll throw you some […]

Calling All Patient People!

This postcard reached me from Finland! This is a view of Rauma, a town located in the southwestern part of the country. Founded in 1442, it’s the third-oldest town in the country. Rauma is known for its paper and maritime (sea-based) industry as well as its bobbin lacemaking. You can […]

Happy 15th, Postcrossing!

Gonna throw in some recently-received postcards before I continue with the bundle I’ve been posting about! Here is another adorable and remarkable meetup postcard from Finland! I regret to say… I missed celebrating the 15th anniversary of Postcrossing, so maaaajor shame on me for that. But the members of this […]