Hmm, Eye Sea…

Here’s an Official Postcrossing postcard from the UK! I’m not 100% sure how much this will work on the computer, but I promise you this isn’t just an unintelligible art card lookin’ like a staticky TV screen as seen from underwater! (Disclaimer: please don’t EVER put a TV underwater…) But, […]

It’s a Panda-monium!

I was excited to find this adorable and appetizing postcard in my mailbox from China! This is a work done by Ever & Ein Studio, which is a part-time studio run by a couple living in Hangzhou, China. They do their artwork FOR postcards, and their themes are largely based […]

The Indo-Saracenic Recipe

Check out this postcard I received over Official Postcrossing from Scotland! This intricate-lookin’ building is actually in India, and it’s known as Albert Hall. Albert Hall is located in Jaipur, a city found in the state of Rajasthan (northwestern India). Unlike many buildings which serve a certain purpose and then […]

My Cup of Tea!

This is a postcard from Russia! What we have here is a work drawn by Mariya Stupak, a Russian artist. Like Rina Zeniuk, there isn’t a whole lot about Mariya that I could find other than her works. Goes to show how under-the-radar some of these very talented artists are, […]