They Train Monkeys Here!

Check out this postcard from Thailand! This card shows a view in Surat Thani, a province (with a town of the same name) located in the southern section of the country (in Thailand’s “mullet”, as I like to denote it). The town of Surat Thani sits right on the coast, […]

Nappin’ on the Tram!

Got this neat postcard from Belgium! This is from a photobook by Olivier Brouwers titled “BXL 360”; the photo itself is titled “In Tram 81, St. Gillis”. If anyone sleeps like this guy, feel free to call yourselves out in the comments below – we’re not here to verbalize our […]

Welcome to Boat Class!

This is a postcard that was sent from the Philippines! As some of you may know, this country contains literally thousands of islands. I’ve done posts on a few of them before – to include Borocay Island – so I only have about roughly 7,600-ish left to talk about. Easy […]

Ugchelen, a Hidden Bit of Loveliness!

An Official Postcrossing card from the Netherlands today! It’s been some time since we talked about lesser known places; the village shown here is called Ugchelen, which is found kind of in the central part of the country. It’s a municipality that’s often associated with the city of Apeldoorn. So […]

Landmark Delegates!

I received this postcard from Ukraine! So, I don’t think you will see this spectacle anywhere in real life, and if you do, well, there are gonna be a lot of unhappy tourists in New York City, Paris, Rome, etc. Or perhaps this is just the convention of renowned landmarks, […]

The Colonial Side of Manila!

Man we’re all about multiview cards these days. Here’s one from the Philippines! Featured is the city of Manila, the country’s capital, located in the island of Luzon (the largest island, found in the northern part of the archipelago). Manila is the country’s most populous city and the world’s most […]

The Ins and Outs of Berlin!

This postcard is from Germany! We’ve got a multiview here of a few landmarks in Germany’s capital – Berlin. For as much research as I forwent this week, it’s only right that I do one that requires a lot of it. So let’s get to it! From left to right, […]